Tis the season for holiday decorating, tree trimming and lighting.  Whether or not you want to pull off a Clark Griswold lighting display. . they used 25,000 lights on the house in the movie. . .play it safe electrically speaking. 

Did you know that 86% of Americans decorate their homes for the holidays?  This is according to the Electrical Safety Foundation and based on a consumer survey.  Of this percent, two-thirds use electrical lights in their indoor decorating and more than half use lighted decorations outside.  More than 60% will use at least one extension cord. 

According to estimates from the National Fire Protection Association, holiday lights and other decorative lighting with line voltage are involved in an average of 160 property fires each year.  Don't make your home be included in one of these statistics!

The following are some ideas to minimize the risks of an electrical mishap this holiday season:

-If in doubt of circuits/breakers, call a licensed electrician for an inspection.  You may find that your current electrical breaker or outlets are outdated, cracked or damaged. 

-Replace live candles with the popular battery operated candles.

-Match amps and power needs to your extension cords.  If using extension cords outside, check to see if they are approved for just that.  Don't forget to keep these clear of standing water and snow when possible. 

Some local fire departments will also offer additional safety tips, another great resource.

A beautifully decorated home is very desirable to buyers this time of year.  If your selling or thinking of doing so, please read up on our earlier blog on reasons to list during the holidays.

Happy decorating!