According to Trulia, the average person living in the USA is moving every 5-7 years.  Reasons vary from job transfers to simply dreaming about another setting for your household.  Whatever the desire, below are questions to answer before putting up the for sale sign on your current house:


1.  Can you afford to move? 

With loan changes that started this year, having enough money for a down payment is crucial.  Talking to a reputable lender and finding out if your debt to income levels are good enough to qualify will be a key first step.  Do you have to sell to get to the next property?  If so, has your agent provided a seller net sheet?  Having the financial aspect lined up first will give you peace of mind before listing and searching for the next property.


2.  Can you sell your home easily? 

The harsh winter pushed many sales back, so our spring season was delayed.  Oddly enough we went from low inventory levels to last month finishing up at over 40% higher than 2013 in properties for sale.   For sellers, you will need to be competitive, have your house decluttered, cleaned, top condition, and priced right for the market.  A combination of neighborhood comps and a sellers estimated cost to settle will let you see if you will be receiving a check or giving a check at closing. 


3.   Will moving improve your quality of life? 

Sometimes its not always about the money, but how you want to live your life!  Maybe having a better backyard, a little more space, a different neighborhood, shorter commute and other benefits is more important than the costs. 

We understand that Northern Virginia is by no means a cheap place to buy real estate in.  If you are on the fence about purchasing or selling/purchasing, you have reached the right professionals. 

We're here to help and walk you thru the necessary steps to put your dreams into motion.